Legal Divorce Help

Help Legal divorce.

Legal Divorce Help
DIVORCIOLEGAL.MADRID [HELP DIVORCE IN MADRID] is serviced by Eban Lawyers, with a staff of family lawyers and psychologists.
If you’ve come this far is because you need help for a legal divorce. You’ve come to the right place. In an easy, close and complete way we will help you.

Divorce has consequences that are prolonged for years, and it is essential to have as much information as possible.

Before you make the decision…

  • We advise you on the consequences both personal and economic level of the divorce in your case:
    • Child custody.
    • Compensatory pensions.
    • Alimony.
    • Use of the family home
    • Distribution of goods.
  • We inform you about the different legal options that are better adapted to your situation.
    • Express Divorce (notarial or Judicial)
    • Contentious divorce.

If you have already taken the decision…

  • We give you psychological support.
  • If you want, we’ll contact the other side.
  • We mediate in order to achieve an agreement that is balanced for both parties and collects the legal requirements for minor or disabled children

While the divorce process lasts….

  • We advise you of what you can do and not do with your daily life:
    • Can I leave the family home?
    • Can I stay with a new partner?
    • Do I continue to pay all expenses?
    • Should I continue to pay the mortgage?
    • Should I continue to pay the rent?
  • The answer to these questions depends on the specific case and it is very important to have certainty in what we can do in order not to harm our rights.
  • Throughout this process you will have psychological and legal support.

After the divorce…

  • We help you in any situation that involves a modification of the measures agreed in a legal divorce process:
    • Modification of compensatory or food pensions.
    • Changes in the custody regime of minors and visits.
    • Breaches of the agreement/Divorce judgment:
      • Non-payment of pensions
      • Failure to comply with the custody regime.
  • We give you psychological support so you can start over.

Divorce is never a failure, but an opportunity.