Communicate my desire for divorce

Communicate my desire for divorce
If your partner wants to get divorced, there is no legal tool to avoid it. The best thing is that you adapt to the situation and in a civilized way you reach a fair agreement.

Once you have made the decision to divorce, the next important moment is to let the other party know.

There are situations in which the two parties naturally make the decision at the same time and in a consensual way.

However, on most occasions, our desires are not synchronized with those of the other party.

You may need a divorce to remake your life, while the other side is comfortable in that situation.

Our advice is to pose it in a serene but firm way:

  • Communicate to your partner that you do not feel comfortable in the current situation and that you want to divorce.
    • There are situations where we are asked to be ourselves, as lawyers who communicate the decision. It is not the most frequent, but in specific cases it is the most advisable.
  • It is not appropriate for you to indicate the reasons that have triggered your decision.
    • You may have met a third person, or you just want to feel freer, but our advice is that you keep it to yourself.
  • Communicate you’ve consulted with a lawyer to help you, inviting him to do the same.
    • It is normal for your partner’s first reaction to be deception. In that case, stick to give you a card from your lawyer, inviting to look for another for you to contact and negotiate a divorce mutual agreement.
    • Your partner may already wait for the decision. You can offer to go to the same lawyer in order to save costs.
  • If you have lived separately for a long time, and do not know exactly where your partner is.
    • You mustn’t worry. The divorce process is initiated directly in the court, and even if it is not located, a divorce sentence will also be issued.