Eban Lawyers gives you  immediate solutions to your legal problems.  Who are we?  

We are a registered law firm with more than fifteen years of experience willing to give immediate solutions to your problems in a practical, effective and economic way, with top professionals, ready to defend and advise you as you deserve.
Eban Abogados Office in Madrid
Eban Abogados currently has offices accessible at street level in Madrid (C/Avila 6); Fuenlabrada (C/Austria 11) and Getafe (C/Cáceres 21); well connected by the Metro and Cercanías network. All these offices form a unit, with the same team of lawyers who take regular turns to dispatch in person with our customers.

We live in a time when the defense of our rights is increasingly complex and costly. Many ordinary situations are unfair, and are consolidated as such, simply because  paying a lawyer who represents you is not available to everyone.

Eban Lawyers, has a staff of lawyers with real vocation, coming from the university teaching environment, ready to occupy the place where many law firms do not want to situate themselves: to provide a legal advice of first level, at LOW COST prices.

From us, you will receive a direct, cordial, simple treatment… And from the first moment you will have the peace of mind that your problem, big or small, has a solution. We never charge for the first consultations, and you will always have at your side a team willing to help you in all situations… and most importantly, immediately.

Our slogan ‘ immediate solutions is not a mere advertising formula. It is our commitment to service and professional competence. Unlike other law firms, we don’t go around with phrases like-let’s look at it and call you later. Evidently all the situations that have been raised require the utmost depth, but at the same time we have the capacity and experience enough to give you the best solutions and strategies to defend your interests.

We can help you in:

  • Statute of the Natural Person: INMIGRATION (work authorizations; Family reunification; European Union Citizen Residence Permits; Residence Permits for minors, Residence Permits for social integration and work reasons; Spanish nationality; Appeals and Litigations in all these situations; Legalization of foreign documents, homologation of Certificates of Studies…) Legal Incapacity and other situations of modification of the marital status. Right to honor and image rights.

  • Legal entities: Corporations and companies. Incorporation of companies, advice during their operation. Management of insolvency situations. Traffic and international trade operations.

  • Civil and Mercantile Contracting. Both the classic formats and the new forms of electronic contracting. Rights of consumers and users.

  • Property Rigts: (property right over movable and immovable property), Condominius;

  • Mortgages, and other warranty rigths

  • Evictions, leases, patents and intellectual property)

  • Family law: Matrimonial law, divorces, parental rights, filiation; Inheritances and all kinds of problems arising from the death of natural persons.

  • Labour law: Employment contracts, layoffs and situations of collective conflict.

  • Administrative law: We advise and defend the individual in administrative and contentious administrative way, in front of any action of the Public Administrations: sanctions (traffic and regulated sectors) responsibility of the Administration, expropriations, taxes.

  • Criminal law: Defense and prosecution in situations susceptible to criminal responsibility.

At Eban Lawyers, you’ll have the confidence of people who will take care of your issues as the best friend would, always available.