When to consult a divorce lawyer

consult divorce lawyer

Consult a divorce lawyer.

We always get the question whether we should consult a lawyer, or we should wait.

The answer is that we always have to advise properly. The consequences will affect our heritage situation for many years.

We should also consult a divorce lawyer because our children will depend on the decisions we take.

All this will also condition our life, when looking for a new relationship with another partner.

It is always important to know in advance what  are we facing.

What we can do or whatare our expectations.

Which alimony or compensatory pension we can receive, or we must pay.

And how the custody regime of our children can be.

Before we raise a divorce to our partner, we should consult a divorce lawyer in order to get a preliminary idea of the situation. And of course, at the time that our partner announces their desire to divorce, we must consult what we should and should not do, in order not to harm our expectations.

A clarification.

In our legal system, divorce is free.

In Spain it does not happen as in foreign telefilms, where divorce is “granted” by the other party. If our partner wants to get divorced and you does not actively cooperate with it, there is a risk of a totally negative sentence for our interests.

In situations of more cordiality and agreement between the parties.

It is reasonable for a single lawyer to advise, draft the convention and take care of its judicial approval.

When the parties do not have a sufficient level of confidence to trust a single lawyer.

Normally, inter-lawyer conversations to achieve a balanced regulatory agreement are usually performed with cordiality, resulting in satisfactory consequences for both.

The less desirable situation is that the climate between the parties is so tense and the contentious way is the only way out.

During a divorce we must always try to find the agreement, but also be cautious and put ourselves in the worst of situations and prevent the consequences of a contentious divorce.

In this sense, it is very important to know exactly what we should and should not do in order that our attitudes or habits do not harm us in a hypothetical judgement.

Important decisions.

Leaving home, or starting out with another person in public should be consulted with your lawyer, so that you can be advised of the way and how you should do it, so as not to jeopardize your future expectations.

At Eban Abogados we have a team of psychologists and lawyers that will attend to all your needs and solve all your doubts.

In addition, the queries are free.

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