Spanish nationality for Spanish grandchildren

We are going to comment the situation of all those people, usually of Latino origin who are grandchildren or granddaughters of citizens of Spanish nationality, and due to various reasons, have an interest in naturalizing as Spaniards.

Novelty introduced by the Law of Historical memory

Law 52/2007 of 26 December, known as the Law of historical memory, established the possibility of acquiring Spanish nationality directly for the grandchildren of those who lost or had to renounce the Spanish nationality as a result of the exile at the End of the Spanish Civil War. (April 1, 1939) In this case, it was completely indifferent if the grandfather or grandmother had effectively acquired Spanish nationality. About 300,000 citizens of mainly Latin American origin, were naturalized as Spaniards attending this procedure, which ceased to be in force in the year 2011, since the legislation only established a window of opportunity of two years to obtain the Spanish nationality in this way.

Today, how can a Spanish grandson be naturalized?

It is possible for a person who is a grandchild of Spaniards, obtain Spanish nationality, benefiting from the short term of legal residency of 1 year.

The legal residence excludes those situations in which it has remained in Spanish territory in an irregular situation, or of simple stay by reason of studies.

The grandchild or granddaughter of Spanish must obtain a residence permit for family roots, and under the same, stay in Spain in a legal situation and not interrupted for one year. In Eban Abogados, through our service, we will guide you in everything you need so that you can become a Spanish citizen in a fast and safe way, benefiting from our experience with a success rate of 100% in our nationality records.

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