Work permits

Work permits

Authorization to carry out lucrative activitiesWork permits

  • Foreigners over 16 years of age to perform any lucrative activity:



will require the corresponding prior administrative authorization to work. (Work permits)

  • When the foreigner is proposing to work on his own account or for others, exercising a profession for which a special qualification is required,

The granting of authorisation shall be conditional upon holding  the corresponding certificate.

For the hiring of a foreigner, the employer must request administrative authorization.

In the initial granting of the administrative authorisation to work, special criteria for certain nationalities may be applied in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

Work authorizations (work permits) for self-employed.

  • For the realization of self-employed economic activities
    • Compliance with all the requirements that the legislation in force requires nationals to be accredited for
      • The opening and functioning of the projected activity,
      • As well as those relating to the sufficiency of investment
      • And the potential job creation,
    • Among others that regulations be established.

Work permits on behalf of others

For the initial grant of work authorizations, in the case of employed persons,

The national employment situation will be taken into account.

The work authorizations shall have a duration:

Less than five years

and may be limited to a particular territory, sector or activity.

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