Spain is a country that belongs to the Schengen group. That means that generally, there are no police bourder controls between them.

Requirements for entry into Spanish territory (visas)

  • The foreigner who intends to enter Spain
    • Must do so by the posts enabled for the purpose
    • be provided with the
      • Passport
      • or travel document proving its identity, which is considered valid for that purpose under international agreements signed by Spain
    • Should not be  subject to express prohibitions.
  • He or she must also present the documents stablished by regulations that justify the object and conditions of stay,
    • and prove sufficient livelihoods for the time you intend to stay in Spain,
    • Or be in a position to legally obtain such means.

A visa must also be mandatory.

Visas will not be required

When the foreigner is provided with

a foreign identity card  issued by the spanish immigrations authorities (NIE)

or, exceptionally, of a return authorization.

Visas also will not be required under the cases and circunstances established by:

The international agreements signed by Spain

Or in the rules of the European Union

At Eban Abogados We do everything for you

We advise you in the accomplishment of all the procedures for the successful obtaining of the visa of entry in Spanish territory. We also advise and manage in obtaining visas to travel or work to other countries of the European Union, and third countries, especially the United States of America.

Visas for the United States of America

In relation to the visas to enter the United States of America, we take care of the necessary steps in the American Embassy in Spain to obtain it. In the event that the final procedure for obtaining a visa to enter the United States of America, be negative we enmcargaremos to appeal the refusal decision to the relevant Organimos, in accordance with the immigration legislation of the United States of America.