Residence permits

Residence permits

Residence permitsForeigners can be found in Spain in the situation of stay, temporary residence and permanent residence.


What is the status of the stay?

The stay is the permanence in Spain for a time not exceeding ninety days.

Can the situation of stay be extended? When the ninety days of the situation of the stay are over,

It is necessary to obtain an extension of stay (to be authorized by the Ministry of the Interior)

or a residence permit to stay in Spain.

How long can the extension last?

The extension of the stay added to the first granted shall not exceed three months in a period of six.

Residence permits

The modalities of residence permits may be temporary or permanent.

Temporary residence permits

What is the status of temporary residency?

It is the situation that authorizes to remain in Spain for a period of more than ninety days and less than five years.

Who can get a temporary residency permit?

Temporary residence authorization may be granted to foreigners in Spain and are in the following cases:

  • Those who express their purpose of setting up their residence in Spain for the first time,
  • As well as those who have previously resided do not meet the requirements established for obtaining a permanent residence permit.
  • Those who had had a permanent residence permit and would not have been able to renew it having remained continuously in Spanish territory without residence permit during the previous two years.
  • All those who certify a continued stay, without residence permit, in Spanish territory for a minimum period of five years.
  • Those who certify the continued stay in Spain for a minimum period of three years
    • And in which an exceptional and accredited situation of rooting is concurred,
      • Considering as such the real incorporation to the labour market and the family ties with resident foreigners or with Spaniards.
Other situations:

Temporary residence permits shall also be granted, in the event of exceptional circumstances:

  • Persons considered to be displaced
  • Those to which, having been denied or refused to process their application for asylum, the minister of the Interior has authorized his stay in Spain on the proposal of the Interministerial Commission for Asylum and Refuge,
    • For humanitarian reasons that are linked to the application of international instruments that determine non-refoulement
    • Or that, without constituting any of the cases of implementation of the Geneva Convention of 1951 on the recognition of refugee status, there is some connection with the reasons therefor.
  • All those in whom humanitarian reasons are concurred, in particular to have been victims of behaviours classified as racist or xenophobic offences.

To the citizens who collaborate with the Spanish administrative and judicial authorities,

or in which they concur reasons of national interest or national security, which justify the need to authorize their residence in Spain.

Can temporary residence permits be extended?

  • Provided that the authorisation has been granted by: duration of less than five years.
  • The same circumstances that caused their concession have to be concurred.
  • It must be requested by the interested party.
B. Permanent residence authorizations:

What is the status of permanent residency?

It is the situation that authorizes to reside in Spain indefinitely and to work on equal conditions that the Spaniards.

When are permanent residence permits granted?

When there has been temporary residency for five years continuously.

They shall have the right to obtain permanent residence permits:

Foreigners who certify that they have resided legally and in a continuous way in the Spanish territory for five years,

Special scheme for students

Will have the consideration of student the foreigner whose coming to Spain has as sole or principal purpose

Studying or expanding studies

Or to carry out research or training, not remunerated at work, in any Spanish, public or private, officially recognised educational or scientific centres.

The situation of the foreigner in the student system will be that of stay and the duration of the authorization will be equal to that of the course for which it is registered.

Residence permits shall be extended annually

If the proprietor proves that he continues to meet the conditions required for the issuance of the initial authorisation

And that it fulfils the requirements demanded by the teaching centre to which it attends, having verified the realization of the studies.

Foreigners admitted for purposes of study will not be authorized to exercise a paid activity on their own or outside.

However, to the extent that this does not limit the continuation of the studies, they may exercise remunerated activities on a part-time or a fixed-term basis.

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