Other management

Other management of Eban lawyers in matter of immigration .

Other Management
We arrive where you cannot arrive. Whether you are in Spain or abroad, we help you.

Birth certificates (other management)

We process the following steps:

  • Request of birth certificates
  • We send you a hard copy by priority mail or courier.
  • Also we send yo a digital copy (pdf)
  • We will keep you informed throughout the process

Homologation of degrees and university diplomas (other management)

The homologation of foreign qualifications of higher education implies the recognition of the equivalence of a foreign qualification in respect of a certain official Spanish title valid in the whole national territory.

We initiate and supervise, before the different Spanish educational authorities, the necessary procedures in order to carry out your degree or university diploma is valid in Spain.

Appeals in expulsion files (other management)

  • If you received a resolution from the immigration authorities for which you are expelled from the Spanish territory, we will start the necessary appeal procedures before administrative and judicial bodies.
  • We shall request the suspension of the effects of the expulsion order until the pending procedures  have been definitively resolved.

Real Estate Services (foreigners who make a property investment in Spain have certain facilities to obtain the residence permit)

  • If you are in your home country and want to buy a home in our country, both in the city and on the coast, we advise you on housing, prices, the best financing conditions. In this way, when you move to Spain you will save time by visiting only the house that interests you.
  • If you are in Spain, we look for the financing that best fits your economic conditions.
  • We advise you in the signing of the contract of sale and mortgage.
  • We make all the actions for your property is duly registered in the property registry.