Family reunification

What is family reunification? Family reunification

The regrouping is a right of foreigners living in Spain recognized by the law.

You may apply when you have resided for a year and have authorization to reside for at least another year.

Who can benefit from family reunification?

Foreigners who legally reside in Spain may regroup with them relatives, according to the requirements provided for it.

  • The resident’s spouse,
    • Provided that it is not separated in fact or right
    • Or that the Matrimoniono has been held in law fraud.
    • In no case can more than one spouse be regrouped, even if the foreign personal law admits marriage with several spouses.

      The resident alien who is separated from his/her spouse and married in second or subsequent nuptials
      • You can only regroup with him the new spouse and family members
        • If it proves that the separation of previous marriages has taken place after a legal procedure that establishes the situation of the previous spouse and his/her relatives as soon as:
          • To the common house,
          • The spouse’s pension
          • and food for dependent minors.
  • The children of the resident and the spouse, including those adopted,
    • As long as they are under the age of eighteen
    • Or are incapacitated in accordance with Spanish law or their personal law
    • And don’t be married.

      In the case of children of only one of the spouses,
      • It will also require that the latter exercise in solitary the parental authority
      • Or you have been given custody and are effectively in charge.
      • In the case of adoptive children, it should be established that the resolution on which the adoption was agreed brings together the elements necessary to produce an effect in Spain.
  • Children under eighteen or unable when the foreign resident is their legal representative.
  • The ascendants of the Regrouper or his/her spouse, when they are in charge and there are reasons to justify the need to authorize their residence in Spain.

Other Options

Foreigners who had acquired the residence by virtue of a previous regrouping may, also, exercise the right to regroup their own relatives,

Provided that they already have a residence and work authorization obtained independently of the authorization of the Regrouper.

and prove to meet the requirements laid down in the law.

In the case of regrouped ascendants; they may only exercise, the right of family reunification after obtaining the status of permanent residents and accredited economic solvency.

Exceptionally, the regrouped ascendant who is in charge of a minor or incapacitated child may also exercise the right of regrouping in the terms arranged in the immigration rules.

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