Asylum or Refuge

Asile or Refugee

What is asylum?

Asylum or Refugee

It is the protection in the form of reception that our State grants to those foreigners who are recognized as refugees.

Who can apply?

In principle, any foreigner who can meet any of the requirements referred to in the definition of the concept of refugee of art. 1. A 2) of the Geneva Convention of 1,951 is legitimized to seek asylum in Spain. Therefore, you can apply for any person who:

Because of founded fears of being persecuted for reasons of:

  • race,
  • religion,
  • nationality,
  • belonging to a certain social group
  • or political opinions,

-is outside the country of its nationality and cannot, or cause of such fears, not want to be eligible for the protection of such a country;

-or due to a  lack of nationality (stateless) and being found as a result of such events, outside the country, can not return to it.

What effects does it PRODUCE?

The request for asylum once made initially involves a series of important rights that we will mention:

  • PROVISIONAL right of permanence.
  • Not to be expelled.
  • Be documented.
  • Not to be punished
  • Be transferred to Spain from embassies.
  • Notify  the request to ACNUR
  • Be supported by qualified associations.
  • Obtain the N.I.E. (Id Card) and be informed about the number of procedure.
  • Right not to be extradited.
  • The right to benefit from financial aid and social and health services.

We do everything for you

  • If you are in your country of origin, we will study your situation and give you an answer on the probability of obtaining refugee status in our country.
  • If you are in Spain, we take care of the necessary steps to make your application accepted as soon as possible.
  • On the other hand, if your request is denied, Eban Abogados will also take the necessary legal actions in order to obtain a resolution favorable to your interests. Therefore, your stay in Spanish territory is guaranteed.