The divorce decision

The divorce decisionDivorce is only the legal consequence of a breakup of a couple, which can occur for many reasons.

It is essential to make it clear that anyone is free to divorce. In our legal system, the decision is personal and does not depend on the consent of the other party.

Expressions such as “granting the Dovorcio” or similar that we hear in the telefilms are not applicable in Spain.

In conclusion, if one of the members of the couple decides to put an end to the marriage, it is not possible to oppose it. A procedure that supports multiple variants will then be initiated, but ending with the termination of the marital bond.

As a first conclusion, the decision to divorce is personal and individual.

The divorce decision
The specialists call “psychological divorce” at that stage in which the couple is no longer connected in their emotions, going in fact each one by their side. This situation can last more or less time depending on other factors that break an unstable equilibrium.

The decision to divorce must also be free. Don’t be afraid to take it. We must simply consider whether our relationship is good or bad; And if it is bad, we should reflect on whether we would be better off returning to a situation where we are not married.

Staying in toxic relationships, where we don’t find happiness is not the best option.

With these shovels we don’t invite people to get divorced. Simply to decide in freedom what is best for you.

In this phase, it is necessary to be informed previously, especially if there are children or possible goods to be dealt.

It is also important that we know how our life would be on an economic level after a divorce, an essential element when it comes to shaping our will.

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