Nationality [] of Eban Abogados


Aware of the legal problems that all foreign citizens have when they want to acquire Spanish citizenship, EBAN ABOGADOS makes available the service.

Why Nationality Service of Eban Abogados? []

Security.-We study your case, and determine the fastest and safest way to acquire Spanish nationality.

Quick.-we give an immediate response.

Warranty.- Your results arde guaranteed. We will make all the necessary steps so that you can be a Spanish citizen. We have a percentage of 100 for 100 of success.

Transparency.-You will  be informed at all times
We put at your service our INTRANET, in which you will be able to get access in order to know the status of your file or procedure at any moment.

Nationality - Eban Abogados

Our queries are free of charge.

We manage your procedure of nationality, whatever your place of residence, within or outside the Spanish territory

Your possible criminal records and  any LEGAL impediment to be a Spanish citizen will be cancelled and eliminated.

You will be guided appropriately to overcome the CCSE and DELE exams necessary to acquire nationality by residence.

Nationality - Eban Abogados

The Nationality service []  is provided by EBAN ABOGADOS, a team of professionals with more than twenty years of experience in the resolution of records of nationality, and in general, in all matters relating to foreign citizens.

We guarantee that we will find the best solution for you to enjoy all the rights granted by Spanish citizenship.

Also, during the processing of the file of nationality before the different competent agencies, we orientate you in your personal or professional actions with transcendence in the process, so that you do not incur in possible Criminal offences, fraudulent marriages, interrupted residence, and in general in any situation that could be an obstacle to your recognition as a Spanish citizen.

DELE and CCSE examinatios

In the event that you have to take the DELE and CCSE exams to become a Spanish citizen, you will receive from our specialized service the necessary guidance to pass both exams without difficulty.

Likewise, we value the option of managing a waiver for examinations in accordance with current legislation and administrative practice.